Certified Nursing Assistant Training – A Career With A Future


Certified Nursing Assistants are the primary care giver for patients in many medical facilities including hospitals, nursing homes, and patient care centers. To serve in this position one must attend certified nursing assistant training. This type of training is a range of hands on experience, classroom instruction, and successfully passing the competency exam in the end.

Hands On

In this portion of the training applicants are required to contact patients under the supervision of a supervisor. The nursing assistant is monitored while they administer medication, change patients sheets and clothes, read and converse with patients, collect vital signs, obtain weight and height, and often bathe patients on a regular basis.


This aspect of the training often consists of a minimum of 75 hours to a maximum of 125 hours. At the end of the training students are required to pass a competency test that proves their ability to perform the duties required of them. After this test the applicant is listed on a state registry of certified nursing assistants. If the CNA moves then they are required to apply for the registry of the state that they move to.

Certified Nursing Assistant Training-Choosing the Correct One

When enrolling in a certification class the student should be sure that they are choosing the correct school. Generally these classes are supervised by a registered nurse. These classes can vary in length, location, and the days offered. Classes can be offered on weekends or nights to accommodate scheduling needs of the students enrolled in the course. Generally three weeks is about the average length of fulltime classes, where as part time classes generally last for eight. The training is challenging so that a student can determine if they can meet the requirements of the job. There are also classes available for completing the classroom portion online if that is how you choose to complete the initial requirements.

Certified Nursing Assistant Training is a way to determine if the medical field is the correct career for you. Although the career is not necessarily the same as that of Registered Nurse, this job can offer a view into what some aspects of it can be like. Many nursing assistants continue on with their training and eventually become registered nurses with college degrees.

Completing the certified nursing assistant training can be time consuming but profitable in the end. It is a life enriching experience that allows you to help others and make their days brighter while rewarding yourself with a career and a steady income. The thanks you receive from the patients you serve may be reimbursement for you and you could choose to use this certification and these skills as a volunteer rather than a paid employee. At some point they could even serve you in caring for your own family members and friends.

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