Major Variations Involving A Nurse Practitioner And A Physicians Assistant


The comparison of the nurse practitioner vs physician assistant is definitely very interesting. As far as the medical jobs are concerned, their number has definitely increased in the last few years. Both of these jobs are good and they definitely provide the best livelihood. There is enough opportunities for all the medical students and there is no doubt at all that they can be a good option. However, both of them are equally good and hence it is sometimes hard to decide that which one will be better. In order to come up with the best decision, it is definitely important to make sure that the medical student has the knowledge of both the jobs.

It is important to understand the difference between the two positions. As far as the nurse practitioners are concerned, they are definitely trained, certified as well as the registered nurses and they definitely perform the operational as well as the medical task. All these jobs are being done under the supervision of the physicians. The physician assistants are definitely the registered as well as the trained professionals who do the varioys health care as well as the medical care jobs in the hospital. Thus, there is not much big difference between these two important positions and both of them are equally good as well.

However, there are some differences as far as the educational requirements are concerned. The nurse practitioner need the degree in nursing and they will have to get it from any one of the recognized university. Undoubtedly, one can find many nursing schools across the country for getting the degree. They all need to find the national council licensure examination, which is being carried out for the licensed nurses. Finally, they will have to get the certification in nursing from American nurses credentialing center or they will have to get the certification from the American academy of nurse practitioners.

The physician assistant needs the masters degree with physician assistance as the subject. The importance of the physicians assistant is immense in the society. There is a need to get the equivalent qualification in nursing as well paramedics. They also need to apply for the license. Finally, they will have to complete the physician assistant national certifying examination (PANCE).

The total number of the nurse anesthetist schools is definitely very high and they all are known for some of the best nurse practitioner education. If one will look at the nurse anesthetist job description, then as well they will find many differences with the physician assistant. All the medical care and the health care is being given by the nurse practitioner under the physician reference.

The physician assistants provide the medical consultation to all the patients and they look out for the medical history of the patients, which is definitely very essential. All the physicians also look out for the minor injuries as well as the disorders. The nurse practitioner earns in between $ 75,000 and $ 82,000. The physician assistant earns in between $ 70,000 and $ 82,000.

The nurse practitioner degree course definitely contain all the knowledge. Keeping in mind the nurse practitioner vs physician assistant jobs, it is definitely essential to understand that both of them are equally good. The need for the medical students in these fields are definitely quite immense and hence they definitely have a great future. There is a need for them to understand that the medical science also provides opportunities to work on different positions and these two jobs are definitely the perfect examples.

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